Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blown Out Of The Blogosphere

All the critters and I (obviously cuz I am typing this) survived. The roof stayed on but all the other damage has been too much for me to handle. Gonna have to step away from blogging, dont know if forever but maybe. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Preparing for Irma

It is hot and sunny here now, hard to believe we are supposed to get hit by Hurricane Irma on Wednesday, but that we are.
Cost U Less at 9:30 this morning. Was surprised by how many people were stocking up on sugary drinks - sodas and Powerade. Back in Virginia, everyone stocked up on milk, bread and eggs when a storm approached. Guess in Virginia, we prepared to hibernate and here they prepare to sweat.
I am in no danger of running out of food and we do have a generator, but I still stocked up on water and canned goods just in case (never thought I would ever shell out $6.50 for a can of Amy's Chili, but there werent that many canned goods I could think of to get).
Unless Irma blows them off the trees, there are fresh Guava Berries to pick as well.
Genip will be brought into the house on Tuesday.
The Mr. flew out yesterday, so Friday night we tried XO Bistro. The Bruschetta was decent...
my 'Linguini with Blackened Tofu and Vegetables' was also just okay. Service was great so, over all, I would rate the evening way higher than Havana Blue and Thirteen, but I still am searching for the perfect romantic restaurant on St. Thomas.
Keep the VI in your thoughts. Bye for now.