Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Random Stuff

I have been eating lots of great food and taking lots of pictures, but not enough to cobble together a full post. So just to keep things alive here, below are some pics of various unrelated things...
this Bananquit sat for a long time in reflection after a morning bath. Long enough to finally get my camera and go outside to photograph it...
I have been going through more than ten pounds of sugar a week feeding these guys...
some Vino Tinto perfect for family and friends over the holidays...
I bought a Star Fruit Tree with a big Star Fruit on it. Too nice to pick and eat...
Boxed Water is new to me, but I agree, it seems better all around...
Someone apparently moved here from New Jersey and brought a little piece of home down with them...
another baby Lizard caught inside and hand carried outside. Really loved this little thing, regret not trying to keep it as a pet...
These flowers were on a huge fruit tree near the University. The blog is still alive, I wouldnt just abandon it, maybe will force out some more content over the long weekend. Bye for now.


  1. I'm glad the blog and you are still alive! The bananquit is too cute! And the baby lizard, they are so tiny, I worry for them out in this big huge world.

    1. I worry about the baby lizards too. Gotta research how they are out and about at such a tender age.

  2. I love random posts! Seriously!
    That red wine is hysterical - I would totally buy some just for the label..... And how fun to have your own starfruit tree! Be warned that boxed water tastes
    I'm sure you'll find something yummy tomorrow, I'm constantly impressed by the options and variety you have available.

    I am SO excited because tomorrow i am going to my first ever all vegetarian/vegan thanksgiving!!!! No worries about meat bits in the sprouts or damned sausage in the stuffing! They asked i bring a salad, it will be arugala and shredded nappa cabbage with veggies i do super thin on the mandolin: radishes, fennel, celery, chopped dried figs, toasted pumpkin seeds, and pomegranate seeds. Haven't decided on dressing but probably just a spicy dijon vinegrette ... And i'm making my coconut quinoa granola as a hostess gift :)

    1. I will have to get a box of the water now just to find out what box tastes like. If I had your new addy I would gladly mail you a bottle of that macho looking wine. Your Salad sounds perfect for shoveling in. Were the other offerings as good? Anything unusual?

  3. Awww little lizard! What a cutie! Boxed water is definitely an interesting concept but I guess better than plastic? Love the starfruit tree! I doubt I'd be able to keep any sort of tree or plant alive but I still want to try and keep some herb plants.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. I love those little birds, and the lizard is adorable!

    Way to stock up on the old vino!

  5. That NJP sign is great! Just think, the critter's friends & family were probably worried about him.