Sunday, September 11, 2016

Veggie Plus

Like Natural Food Grocery and Deli, Veggie Plus is another place I was turned off to when we first moved down here. The name is misleading, copious amounts of meat is what is primarily offered. It is a Spanish restaurant, so there was, and still is, a language barrier in terms what items are vegan.  'Cash only' I have since become accustomed to, as well as all the styrofoam and plastic bags involved with carryout places...
so last week I went to the pet store next to the restaurant hoping get more toys to tire out Calvin. While I was in the pet store, the Mr. wandered into Veggie Plus. When we met up later, he insisted I come re-check out the restaurant, and this visit was much more to my liking. The faux meats were prominently displayed, but far away from the real stuff...
they had Green Bananas, which I have come to love...
they work to keep the Salad Bar safe from 'extra protein'. We liked what we saw and opted to get some grub to go...
below is an order of their Soy Chunks and Green Banana. I have gone back twice since then to get more...
below are the Chunks with Pasta and Veggies. The Okra/Spinach combo was too much Okra, so the pups helped me to not waste it. The Mr. has been practicing the Spanish word for 'butter' and, like Natural Food Grocery and Deli, carryout from Veggie Plus is now in regular rotation...
back to Calvin. The pet store had no toys for dogs, except smoked bones. They said to just give him a Coconut to play with, so we picked one up at the grocery store. He viciously attacked it upon sight (as seen below) but soon lost interest (except for occasionally rolling it around a little). We got other toys at the grocery store that have been more successful, but are typically decimated within a couple days...
on Wednesday, he finally got his bandage off, so yesterday we to took him to the beach where he went swimming and ran around like a lunatic. Didnt make even a tiny dent in his energy level, but at least he is learning to attack Molly and not us...
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. Oh my goodness, Calvin. It's a good thing you are ridiculously adorable!! Ha ha! Sounds like you need a few toys shipped from the mainlands from your blogger friends. ;)

    I wonder if the proprietors of VeggiePlus know what the name means...

    1. The toys from the mainland are probably the 'made in china' stuff we got here. Remy have any toys that arent seemingly disposable?

      I have truly wondered what the owners of Veggie Plus were thinking when they named the place. So misleading.

  2. Ha! Calvin sounds like a bundle of energy...! Would a mostly empty pb jar keep him busy? It's disappointing how many pet toys and treats are animal based products.
    The net covered salad bar is so funny! And yet i'm sure that's a great thing actually... As far as i know you're a lot more likely to find lard in spanish food than butter (and it's cheaper), usually understood as "manteca de cerdo". Their veggie options look great!

    Not much brunching lately, but i had a pleasant afternoon with my friend watching the US open finals (she cares, I don't) with some rose and nibbles after i biked down
    I haven't been to chinatown in forever, it's quite a schlep from my new apt and in warmer months I don't crave hot dumplings and soups- oh, and i found a great spot much closer in Koreatown with homemade tofu and noodles...
    NYC isn't going anywhere, and will still be here whenever you do visit, dumpling shops and all. ;)

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the lard situation. There are a good number of Spanish restaurants on Island and it is such a bummer how vegetarian un-friendly they are.

      Probably a good thing you arent out brunching these pipe bombs going off.

      I want to try Chloe's Soft Serve, but the thought of getting from JFK or LaGuardia to Manhattan is a huge deterrent,

  3. The netting over the salad bar is hilarious, but needed I'm sure. Are the green bananas just actual unripe green bananas or a special kind of banana? I saw a vegan chef not too long ago make a potato salad, but with cubed green bananas not potatoes, and it was a hit!
    Calvin is so adorable! That's unfortunate that it's hard to find sturdy toys for him.
    Calvin is such a cute name!
    I bet he is loving life without the bandage!

    1. I need to research the Green Banana thing. they seem to be a separate produce item that simply never ripens to yellow.

  4. OMG Calvin!! What a sweetie! I'm glad that you decided to give Veggie Plus another chance, it sounds like they had some great stuff! I agree with Ingrid, maybe some mainland blogger friends will have to send the pups some love and toys ;)

    1. Thanks, but Calvin will make short work of any dog toy. He is a vicious beast. Think you will ever blog again?