Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekend Food and Fish

I have written about the Mango and Papaya at Gladys' before, but yesterday, Pauline, Gladys' sister, served it with Lime. She said Papaya is better with Lime and, as usual, she was right. I will never be able to eat Papaya without Lime again...
did the Avocado Toast as usual...
driving past Brewers Bay, we saw a couple selling Boiled Peanuts with Greens...
seemed high time I tried Boiled Peanuts, so they gave me a free sample...
but they were too hot to eat right then...
so I got an order to go for $5. Very interesting in a good way. The Peanuts are soft inside, but the juices from the Spicy Greens get also in there. Pretty messy eating, probably a skill to it...
I also bought a dozen Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies for $5. These were great as well. 
a lot of restaurants were closed today, but fortunately Greengos was open. The Veggie Burrito $12 really hit the spot...
below are some pics taken Saturday morning....
a school of Blue Tang Fish...
so cute swimming away...
and below is a Lion Fish, an invasive Asian species. They dont mind folks getting close cuz those spines are seriously venomous.
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. I've always wanted to try boiled peanuts, I've heard they're delicious. The blue tang fish are so cute, I always love the underwater pictures!

    1. The spicy stew that the peanuts were in was what made them so tasty. Glad I finally tried them as well.

  2. Look at you, with your adventurous self! Roadside vendors are hit and miss, but it seems you found the right one!

    I wouldn't even get that close to the Lion Fish! It looks painful!! I wonder how it ended up on this side of the planet...

    1. I do try to patronize the little stands on the side of the roads. Not always easy to take pics.

      It was stupid of me to get so close to that Lion Fish. I wasnt thinking too clearly obviously.

  3. Awww I love the fishy pics as always! That blue is so amazing. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Definitely looks like you've been eating some yummy meals! The burrito and cookies look perfect and I'm glad you finally got the peanuts! Definitely sounds interesting!

    1. I am not much into PIxar, but apparently the 'Finding Dory' fish is a Blue Tang. Might have to watch that movie now.

  4. Fresh papaya and lime sounds good to me! Boiled peanuts are still on my todo list, they seem to be elusive here. Or maybe they're served at those southern restaurants we have that offer zero other vegan options....
    Roadside cookies are a great find! And that burrito would have been my first choice after swimming after all those adorable fishies. Well, the last fishie is kinda scary looking.
    How's your new pup doing lately? Getting along with the rest of the kids?
    What is so funny is that Jaggers and Piggy (the cat) are buddies, jaggers licks his head and Pigs tries to cuddle and sleep next to jaggers

    1. Fortunately, Calvin leaves the cats alone, but is definitely giving Molly a workout she wasnt used to. Cuddling and sleeping critters sounds so pleasant. Been doing any interesting brunch spots? I was watching a show where they showed a Dumpling Shop in Chinatown and got a twinge of "I should go to NY" It surprised me.