Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Care Package From The Mainland

A very sweet friend sent me a surprise Trader Joe's care package a couple weeks ago...
literally all my favorites (no Meatless Meatballs though, shame)...
I had seriously forgotten how great the Speculoos Cookies are...
I am parsing the Cornflakes out very sparingly. Cereal is outrageously priced here and there is nothing I've found that is comparable to these...
the third item that really shocked me was the Popcorn. Again, it was so incredibly flavorful, really well done...
The Dark Chocolate Bar with Raisins and Pecans was exactly how I remembered it, love it...
the Chocolate Almonds pair perfectly with 'The Crown' on Netflix. An explosion of pleasure. (Guess my fingers are permanently pruned)...
The Dark Chocolate Crisps have not been opened yet because the Mr. let it be known that as soon as I open the box, he is eating them all. In summation, incredible thoughtfulness and generosity aside, this Trader Joes gift box totally blew my mind in how I had forgotten how great these products are. Hope all you mainlanders go to your local TJ's now with new found appreciation!
This guy recently decided to make our deck his home. I have christened him 'Genip' to go along with all the other Genips on our deck. He has no problem eating our food, but we dare not touch him. Little does he know, once the critter trap arrives in the mail, Genip will be getting snipped.
A view up our street. A Coconut fell into the gutter and the recent rains caused it to sprout. Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. Hooray for TJ's care packages! It looks like your gift giver knows how to send what you need!

    Ah yes, the dark chocolate covered almonds. I hope you put them in your home desk drawer, just like your days at the office! I guess I didn't think about cereal being more expensive there, but I suppose it makes sense that it would be. Enjoy those corn flakes!

    I need to start watching The Crown, as I love a good period piece. Victoria has started on PBS as well, have you seen it. You know what else we need to talk about - The Bachelor! I really liked Liz, and Nick was a jerk for kicking her out. Corinne is an enjoyable villain.

    1. The TJ's Car Package will go down in the annals of my history as one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

      No desk drawer at home, but my old office drawer always had some good TJ's Chocolate.

      I havent seen Victoria, the reviews werent glowing. Do you recommend it? Surprised you liked Liz, She was not there for the right reasons. Corinne is a complete nut job (she should be married to our Prez). The rest of the ladies are way too good for poon hound Nick. Still waiting to see what they did in St. Thomas, Hopefully tomorrow night.

  2. That's such a sweet gift, although maybe it's best you'd forgotten. I try not to go to TJ's often because I always end up buying stuff I don't need and spend way more than intentioned, even though I only went for cheaper versions of things I'd buy in the first place, agh! Unfortuneately...a good business model.
    Those speculoos cookies really are something though.
    That coconut looks huge!!

    1. Trader Joes does stock some great items for 'impulse buying'. Maybe one day they will open down here.

      That is why I posted the pic of the Coconut sprouting, cuz it is so huge. It really makes you wonder how they propogate. Not like Squirrels burying acorns for us, or birds pooping seeds. I could probably look it up right now while I am typing this but I dont feel like learning anything at the moment.

  3. What a fantastic thoughtful surprise! I didn't realize cereal is overpriced there but i guess they do have to ship it in. i love/hate TJs, the hate part mostly due to seriously stressful shopping in the nyc stores but i still go anyhow-especially for those meatless balls. Somehow i haven't tried that popcorn, gotta fix that.

    Genip is adorable! He does look serious in that photo, like he is concentrating and you interrupted ;)

    1. A crowded Trader Joes is extremely unpleasant. It is supposed to be sort of a 'secret' place. The aisles are so narrow and they constantly move things around, but they stock so many wonderful items.

      I hope you are recovered from your illness. I had a Bloody Mary today in your honor (or 'honer' as the Prez says). Lots of Horseradish. Didnt catch a buzz though.

      Genip is cute, but still eluding capture. Hopefully this week...

  4. I almost bought that popcorn the other day, but wasn't sure if I would like it. Now I will have to try it!! I love those raisin and pecan bars, they're like a vegan Cadbury fruit and nit bar which used to be my favorite!! Very nice care package!!
    Genip is absolutely adorable!!

    1. The Popcorn is fantastic, but be careful not to eat too much at once. Kinda like the Chocolate Covered Almonds, it is too easy to over do it and make yourself sick.

  5. Awww yay for all of your favorites! What a nice surprise! Those chocolate crisps are amazing, make sure you smuggle a few before the Mr. gets to them :) I can't believe that cereal is so expensive there. That is so frustrating. Although I guess if they just have to import everything it would be.

    Genip is so freaking cute! Love the ginger kitties :) That coconut is gigantic! And the beautiful blue skies as always.

    1. The Trader Joes Care Package is the gift that keeps on giving, Still enjoying the Cookies, the Cereal and the CC Almonds. Crisps remain unopened. Opening them would be like...the end of all Crisps.