Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vegan Food Fair - Day Two

Went back again today and there were a few new vendors in addition to the ones from yesterday...
Stopping at Love Livin for a Smoothie first thing is definitely the best way to approach the festival so as not to get too hungry/thirsty and make poor food choices...
no Kale in todays Smoothie but still awesome...
also got a bag of the Beet Popcorn which had just the right amount of sweetness...
Ras Nashamba owns a farm next to where the festival is held and he is renowned for his Ital Soup. There was news of an exceptionally long line yesterday for the Soup and, based on our experience waiting in very short lines at the festival, it must have been a really slow moving line to say the least...
so we headed to Ras' place around 12:30 in hopes of beating the rush, but people were heading in the opposite direction saying there was a problem with the Soup. We were like, "What could possibly have gone wrong with the Soup???" Turned out, his pot had just cracked apart while he was cooking the Soup this morning. All was lost.
he had food being prepped but we didnt feel like waiting around, the line had already begun forming...
on Ras' farm...
above are some Plaintain Trees being sold bare root which I thought was interesting. Also interesting (to me) was seeing a guy put Ketchup on his Plaintains...
we wandered around some more enjoying the artists...
and food...
Mango Cheesecake. Resisted buying...
Roasted and Stuffed Peppers...
we were told this guy's name is Imani...
I got three huge pieces of his Fried Cauliflower...
and the Mr. got a bowl of Imani's Ital Soup with a piece of Fried Cauliflower on top. Really outstanding. It is too bad these folks only cook for the public once or twice a year (we were told Imani cooks at Carnival as well).
arriving home we found that the Pups had gotten into the paper towels. Bye for now.


  1. "Look, Mom! I found all of the paper towels! Aren't you proud of me?" Ha ha! I wonder what they were actually thinking! So silly.

    What a sad story about the soup guy! I hope he can get another pot! I'm wondering also if the soup is particularly laborious, thus only appearing once or twice a year. Fried cauliflower sounds pretty good!

    1. The Pups said "Paper Towels! Must shred!" Paper towels, like Peanut Butter and Cereal, are really expensive down here.

      It is a major tragedy about the soup. Hopefully, he will make it again next year and we will be first in line.

  2. Gahh!! What a mess to come home to! Guess you have to be glad it was just paper towels and nothing harmful.
    That fried cauliflower looks wonderful! But how sad about the lost soup ;( obviously you will have to make a point to find them at carnival to finally have some. I don't understand how you passed up on the mango cheesecake if it was vegan.... that just looks like such a great festival all together, surely nothing on the mainland compares.

    1. The Fried Cauliflower was really great and, yes, the Mango Cheesecake has been preying on my mind. Big mistake resisting that. It was a fun festival, very positive.

      Assume you were in the march yesterday or at least saw some of it, was it thrilling?

    2. I was actually really upset, i've been really sick the last few days and just wasn't able to go. Friends and co-workers of all ages went and i cheered them on from my couch in pjs. Absolutely a historic event

  3. That looks like such an amazing festival! The fried cauliflower looks really good. Silly dogs! I wake up quite often to my toilet paper in the same shape! Cats!

    1. I learned years ago to keep the toilet paper out of reach. Too enticing for some apparently.

  4. Omg I can't with the last picture! How mischievous and kind of adorable. Well adorable from the outside, I've come home to messes before when I'm fur baby sitting and I know it is not fun but the "I'm caught" face in the pic is too much.

    What a great festival! The cauliflower looks absolutely incredible. The smoothie was a perfect way to start the day. I'm sure it was really refreshing. I also am impressed with your willpower. That cheesecake looks so good!

    1. Sometimes I come home to guilty faces but cant figure out what they did. Have to search for evidence.

      It was a nice festival, there were quite a few jewelry crafters that had booths that reminded me of you. Their style of jewelry was different though, mostly wire wrapped stuff, but fun to look at.