Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Louie's Market

Louie's is a recently renovated and expanded market in Smith Bay...
looks much better than it used to, but it never would have crossed my mind to shop there...
till the Mr. noticed the word 'vegan' on their scrolling neon sign...
Fully expecting to be let down, we entered and lo and behold! 
they prepare two hot vegan food items daily!
my first order of Dogs and Cabbage with Pasta was super delish!
yes, they used Loma Linda products, but I happen to like that stuff...
another day was Fungi and Veggie Burgers...
this was my first time ever enjoying Fungi. Even the Okra in the Fungi was good!
today I picked up more faux mystery meat and some Pasta Puttanesca...
this is my kind of eating! Any vegans coming down to St. Thomas and heading to Coki Beach should stop at Louie's for a platter. Highly rcommend!
An orchid at Phantasea Botanical Gardens. Thanks for looking. Bye for now.


  1. Yay, new vegan food! The dogs and cabbage with pasta looks so delicious! I think I've tried some of the Loma Linda stuff before. A little market somewhere in Seattle sold it. I can't remember what I tried but I remember I liked it.
    What is Fungi? I just tried to Google it and only fungus and mushrooms popped up.
    That orchid is so beautiful. I've never seen an orchid like that before.

    1. I wouldnt be surprised that you tried the Loma Linda stuff, you love to try everything. Fungi is Cornmeal Mush, kinda like Polenta.

  2. I've never had Loma Linda anything but I trust your seal of approval! Someone else cooking my dinner is always nice, and it looks like Louie's Market does well!

    Any snorkeling on the horizon?

    1. We tried to go diving a few weeks ago, but the Mr. has since had a disgusting cold, so possibly some water activity will happen next week.

  3. That's amazing that they have vegan options every day and that they are different! It must be fun to try all of their options and they all look really delicious. That's great that the Mr. saw the scroll on the sign and that you went in to check it out.

    That orchid is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I want to try all the options! Gotta show there is a demand so they keep making it!

  4. What an awesome discovery! I've never had Loma Linda products before but i've heard of their products. Fun that they have two choices every day, that's impressive. There *must* be other vegans around for there to be so many great options near you...
    what a unique beautiful orchid!

    1. Yes, there are a lot of vegans on the island, although I dont know any personally as yet. I get the impression they are mostly Rastafarians.