Thursday, December 31, 2015


As I have mentioned before, Roti is a common menu item here. The best Roti on the island is at Ideal Roti in town...
it is $10 for a massive Veggie Roti...
minimal seating inside, it is mainly carryout. This woman was making a major stink cuz the guy in the baseball cap was eating his Roti with a fork. Apparently, it is supposed to be eaten with ones hands...
a half a Roti is more than enough for a meal. It is so much, you think you will probably never have Roti again but soon the memory of the spices start preying on your mind and you realize you will one day pick up more Roti...
in Smith Bay is a Roti place that I think is a poor imitation of Ideal Roti...
the insides of the bus look clean and they appear to do a good business...
a sweet cat was out back where there is some shade with tables and chairs...
they charge the same prices as Ideal, but there isnt as much filling and it is all too loose to hold in ones hand. I will not patronize them again even though I very much want to support any restaurant in a bus.
a local butterfly below...
Best wishes to everyone for a new year. Bye for now.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope your island celebration was magical, and filled with champagne!

    I had always thought of roti as a flatbread with no filling, but I am loving the roti you enjoyed - it looks like an empanada or samosa, but especially the Ideal Roti leeks divine!

    1. I think Roti on the mianland is just a flatbread. Dont know why it's filled down here. It is very much like a Samosa. Hapoy New Year to you as well!

  2. Happy New Year!! I've never had roti before but I've seen it pop up here in the blogosphere and it always looks amazing! Yum!

    Aww sweet kitty! :)

    1. Happy New Year! You are off to a good blogging start, keep it up!

  3. Happy new year!!
    Ideal roti definitely looks better in the photo. What a great find! There's a place here that is a fairly new chain, the kati roll company, it's indian but they offer roti bread for the rolls too and have several vegan choices- the rolls are smaller though.
    That truck and the kitty are adorable!

    1. Happy New Year! Hope you enjoy lots of Tapas, Wine and Citibiking this year. Roti is spicy so not your bag.