Saturday, March 19, 2016


The heat hasn't killed my sweet tooth, but it has changed what sweets can survive in the heat long enough to be eaten. I bought this Artisana Coconut Cocoa Bliss because it was on sale for $8.99....
super incredible! One of the most delicious things I've ever tasted...
Carrot Cake is a big item down here. I do buy it, but am concerned that these arent the entire list of ingredients in the product...
sure tastes great, so that makes me doubly suspicious...
another item I eat a lot of are Melodie's Cookies...
the Carob are my favorite...
but the other flavors are excellent as well..
they are currently being sold at Natural Livity for $2.50 per package of three...
I have never seen Melodie, so I am trusting that, again, these are all the actual ingredients in the Cookies...
hard to believe...
This small Guava Tart was another tasty dessert...
the crust was so fresh tasting. Would be great with coffee if I still imbibed...
but the real point of this post was that I stumbled upon Daiya Cheesecake at The Fruit Bowl!
this piece is actually very tiny but was enough to satisfy my Cheesecake cravings. Not as good as Vegan Treat's Cheesecake, but better than I could make.
Now just waiting on the Ben and Jerry's. Bye for now.


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes even when the ingredient list is free and clear, if things don't have the v, or say vegan I sometimes feel nervous. I think banana bread is very easy to make vegan, so you're probably safe. Those cookies look so great! The daiya cheesecake is pretty darn tasty! I tried the chocolate,and it was okay but I think the original is best. It's really good with strawberries!

    1. I didnt even know there was Chocolate Daiya Cheesecake. Hooefully that will make its way down here as well.

  2. So what you're saying is: no more chocolate bars on the dessert trolley. If I buy chocolate, I keep it in the fridge, so it forces me to get through it slower (read: one week instead of two days!). Would refrigerator chocolate be an option for you?

    Nice looking cookies! Holy moly, $10 for the cheesecake?! I'll have to see what the price is here.

    P.S. Stopped by TJ's for Orange Morsels, and they were out of those and the crispy chickenless strips. Now I'm worried that they won't restock!

    1. chocolate probably wouldnt make it to the fridge without melting, but maybe one day.

      I saw the Gardein Mandarin Orange Chicken down here and bought a bag...till I got home and realized I had grabbed the wrong bag. Italian Chicken Patties instead. Such a bummer. dont know how I did that.

  3. I trust ingredient lists- if they take the trouble to write it out already. And it's cheaper to omit the eggs and butter anyhow. Those cookies look great- and that coconut cocoa spread i would go at with a spoon. I don't think i realized daiya made cheesecake! I bet some of your fresh tropical fruit like mango would be great with it too.

    I had some yummy greek food this weekend for brunching- tomato gigante beans, eggplant something or another, greek salad (without feta), and puffy pitas.

    1. I hope you are right about the ingredient lists. Some people dont think of eggs and butter as animal products I think. Greek Salads are so great (even greater with the Feta, IMO, but still great. It is a shame Greek food doesnt have more vegan friendly items.

  4. Oooh all of these sweets look so delicious!! I'm glad you have been able to find good sweets that will hold up to the heat. That cocoa coconut spread sounds incredible. I would spoons that on everything... although I bet it would be particularly delicious in oatmeal. I've wanted to try the cheesecake but always forget to look for it when I go to Whole Foods... which isn't very often these days.

    1. I am surprised how I dont miss Whole Foods at all. Now Trader Joes, that is a different story...

  5. Totally agree with your assessment of the Daiya cheesecake, although I'm sure I wouldn't even like it without a heap of So Delicious coco whip.