Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The masses are calling for randomness, so here it is. My breakfast on Sunday at Gladys' (I am forever indebted to you, Unknown, for making this happen)...
with Grits. Cant resist great Grits...
the Mr. ordered a Papaya and Mango bowl to see if that fruit still exists. It does and it is better than ever...
my Avocado prior to mashing...
the Lettuce Leaf under the Avocado that I brought home for the chicks...
the same chick later sitting on a rock and looking up at me...
a cruise ship with a mammoth movie screen on top...
a ring priced at $22,000. Ha!
a flower at Phantasea Botanical Garden...
the view of Hans Lolick from Mandahl Bay...
Plenty of randomness to come. Bye for now.


  1. I've totally missed seeing the chickens! To be honest, I totally forgot that you have them! I remember you have one with really cool feathers on his/her head? Or am I confusing you with another chicken friend? Glad they're doing well! That papaya looks the way I always dream papaya should look, but alas, when you're not in the tropics! Love the randomness!

    1. yes, I did have a Polish Chicken who mysteriously disappeared one day when some workmen were here and commented on her. I assume, if they did take her, it wasnt to eat her.

  2. Yay, randomness! :) Avocado toast is always a good idea, as are grits - you are making me crave them!

    I suppose you've seen a lot of cruise ships lately! I've never taken a boat trip (outside of a riverboat tour and ferries), and can't say that I'm inclined. Have you?

    Such a gorgeous shot of Mandahl Bay!!

    1. I have never stepped foot on a cruise ship. wish they would let people tour them even if they arent actually on the cruise. One of these days.

  3. Oh my goodness, that view! I can't, that is just stunning. How hot is it there right now? I'm glad that they have been accommodating you with the avocado toast. It is such a simple meal but so amazing. Add some mango and papaya and that is a great breakfast so I hope you stole some of the Mister's fruit. Love the critter pics as always.

    1. It is in the 80s, but very pleasant if you dont over-exert yourself outside. Yesterday we got quite sweaty and it is really weird to feel it rolling all the way down your body. Serious stuff.

  4. Avocado toast and grits are a great breakfast! And the mango papaya plate looks like it's all ripe and juicy... Glad the silly lettuce leaf was appreciated by the chickens :)
    When were you shopping for fancy jewelry?? I suspect that one would weigh your hand down! Haha!
    With such amazing views it seems a waste to have a huge screen ontop of that ship.

    It was totally the first time i had gone to a dinner like that but it was fun! I think we are going to do another meet up next month at a Chinese restaurant that specializes in Hunan province

    1. There are a good number of fancy jewelry stores here catering to duty-free shoppers. There is a bit too much pressure for me to enjoyably browse, but I took the ring picture when I bought some diamond stud earrings. The only jewelry I have bought here.

      I bet that will be a fantastic Chinese meal next month. Does the restaurant know in advance a Chowhound group is coming? i once saw a huge table of VIP Yelp! reviewers dining at True Food Kitchen.