Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pounding Pasta

The 'Vegetable Pasta Toss' is only served at Sunday brunch at Hook, Line and Sinker, wish they would add it to their daily lunch menu so I could partake more frequently...
the 'Go Go Pasta' with Arugula, Tomatoes, Olives and Capers at Pasta Go Go is a major deal for $8, includes lovely al fresco dining in a charming alleyway...
Tofu and Noodles carried out from the New Golden Dragon. If you are ever in Charlotte Amalie and see locals walking around eating from a stryofoam container like the one below, then it is most likely grub from New Golden Dragon. Only $3.50 for all this food...and it is good!
Pasta Salad carried out from Ma's Vegi Deli. Since Ma told me that she uses Vegenaise in the Pasta Salad, I have been buying about a quart a week. So grateful that Ma knows how to cook the Noodles till 'al dente'...
The gimmicks that Cruzan Rum uses to get tourists to pick up their bottles always amuses me...
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. Ooooh all the pasta looks so good! I wish I liked pasta more than I do because I always think it looks great but for whatever reason I never eat it. The vegetable pasta toss looks especially great and the tofu and noodles is definitely something I can get behind.

    That baby bottle liquor is kind of hilarious and I can only imagine people actually walking around drinking it like that. How silly.

    1. Wish I didnt gravitate to Bread and Pasta so much, but I guess that is how I was brought up.

      Drinking is a major activity down here. So many incentives to be found.

  2. Pasta go go is such a fantastic name i already like the place...! That looks fabulous with all the veggies and arugala in there.
    That tofu and noodles for $3.50 is crazy! That's like chinatown cheap! Actually might be a little cheaper than chinatown.... if the rest of their menu is that tasty and cheap i would certainly be there all the time....
    Nice to have a reliable source of good pasta salad, it seems to easy to make yet it's really not.
    Hope you're doing something fun this weekend and scouting more delicious dishes :)
    Did you switch to rum simce moving to the island? I imagine it's available about anywhere

    1. You are so lucky to have Chinatown.

      I am still drinking Vodka, it is very cheap down here, but not as cheap as the Rum. The Mr. drinks lots of Spiced Rum, so he is stimulating the local economy.

      Noticed any changes around the city now that the orange one is prez? They say he wants to operate out of his tower.

      Any cool new brunch spots to mention?

  3. I am picturing a bunch of drunk tourists walking around with rum in baby bottles!
    I love pasta so much. It's such a great way to use a lot of veggies. The tofu and noodles looks amazing!

    1. there are a lot of drunk tourists. they seem to particularly enjoy standing in the water and drinking, which I can understand.

  4. I wonder why they only produce the pasta dish on Sundays? I should probably only have pasta once a week, I suppose. ;) Such a steal on the tofu and noodles dish! I haven't tried to make a creamy pasta salad, but I bet Veganaisse would do the trick!

    Seeing as the island doesn't officially have an autumn, is there a change in produce at the market?

    I'm hoping that your next post details any kind of Halloween activities taking place on the island!

    1. Having trouble getting posts up, I dont know why.

      Autum feels like summer here, I did notice it was recently Breadfruit season.

      There were Halloween activities for kids, but I dont think anyone goes house to house here. They are all organized to meet at a certain place and time to 'celebrate'.

  5. I made mac n cheese the other day! I'm learning to be okay with pasta! But the noodles & tofu dish is the most attractive to me of this bunch...

    1. I wish I wasnt okay with Pasta. Vegan Mac & Cheese probably isnt the best option to use to try and force yourself to like Pasta. Unless you get it at Candle 79 or someplace like that.

  6. Loving your posts! I'm travelling in St Thomas from Colorado right now, staying in Red Hook, and it seems like everywhere I've gone asking if they have something vegan, I've gotten an odd sideways look. So any place you'd reccomend is fabulous! I take it there's not a hugely vegan population out here?

    1. Hey, Jordan! Thanks for looking at my blog. St. Thomas is very vegan-friendly and in January there is a big 2-day vegan festival in Bourdeaux you will love. There are several vegetarian restaurants with vegan options as well around the Island.
      Options in Red Hook:
      Melt- Sort of like Chipotle, somtimes even better
      Tap & Still- Veggie Burgers and Fries
      Saki House- Can sub Tofu for all the Thai dishes plus Veggie Sushi options
      Lattes in Paradise- Smoothies and (not the best) Bagels with PB & Banana
      Moe's-Salad Bar
      Taco Hell- Supposedly has Veggie Tacos (hold the cheese) I have never been
      XO Bistro- Offers Tofu on their Salads (gotta hold the cheese and croutons etc)
      I believe every restaurant in Red Hook has something vegan or that can be veganized by leaving off an item or two (except the bbq shop).Hope this helps.