Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Soup has become a major part of my life since moving down here, I have no idea why this is. Below is the Vegetarian Red Bean Soup from Frenchtown Deli..Red Bean or Red Peas Soup is a tradtional and beloved Soup of Virgin Islanders, but often has meat added to it, so I was excited to find this veggie version...
most Soups I get from Natural Food Grocery and Deli because they always have two vegan Soups daily at $5/pint. Below are some of their recent achievements: Mung Bean Mushroom...
Lima Bean...
and Everything But The Kitchen Sink Vegetable.
On another positive note, one of the best Chocolate Bars the Mr. brought down with him in August was this Dark Chocolate Coconut from Whole Foods. If any mainlanders get the opportunity to try it, I highly recommend...
speaking of the Mr., it has been almost a year since a hat he ordered from Amazon was delivered. Since then, the empty box has been primo kitty real estate. Though only big enough for one cat comfortably, sometimes two must be on it. Thank goodness he ordered the hat.
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. I love soup. They all look amazing, but for this post I think the kitties stole the show!

  2. Ha! Those kitties!

    I think it is so interesting that you eat more soup on an island! I would think smoothies would be in regular rotation. Nonetheless, it looks delicious!

    1. I agree, I wish I knew why Soup is so vital here. Cant explain it.

  3. OMG the kitties!!! How sweet, I love that!

    Soup is always delicious and I feel like you've always enjoyed your soup. They all look amazing and I'm especially loving the look of the mushroom mung bean one. It looks delicious!

    1. Yeah, Mushrooms are a favorite of mine. If they make that Souo again I will stock up (no pun intended).

  4. Haha! Loovve the kitty photo! Maybe amazon should really list that as a cat box that comes with a hat ;)
    How funny that you have so much soup while living there- finding good vegan soup isn't easy so it's fabulous natural grocers has such yummy flavors. It was chilly and rainy here yesterday and i actually caved and made my first soup/stew of the season, that sweet potato black bean peanut butter kale african(ish) version that i love. Really hit the spot.