Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating the 4th

Like last year, we went to Water Island to celebrate...or rather, watch other people celebrate...
the ferry is $20 pp round trip and takes 10 minutes. Once there, you rent a golf cart for $50 to get around....
we specifically came to watch the parade...
a bottle of Bud was this guy's decoration. Pretty American I suppose...
the red, white & blue panties stretched across the back of the cart amused me...
it was cool to see that last year's Queen returned. Perhaps those are her grand-daughters...
a gnome in honor of Ingrid...
just a few more...
so onto the grub...we ate at Heidi's Honeymoon Grill...
they said this was a Boca Burger, but it didnt look like one to me...
the Potato Salad went to waste. Even this little face that was going from table to table wasnt interested, nor were the Chickens on the beach...
there were a few other dogs, but not as many as last year. This Teacup Maltese deserved an award for putting up with all the kids fawning over it...
I have never mentioned it, but this is the rule we abide by down here (the below sign was in the restaurant bathroom). I still abided while in Germany. It is a good rule. Everyone also does the 'California Shower' thing where we get wet, turn off water, soap up, then turn back on water to rinse off (didnt abide in Germany, lots of nice hot water there, with extreme water pressure)...
a parting shot before so we caught the 2:30 ferry back home...
Hope everyone had a safe holiday and no pups were traumatized by fireworks. Bye for now.


  1. What a fun day!! I like the parade, definitely some fun happening there! The puppies were soooo cute! What sweet faces. The bar looked like it had a cool vibe and atmosphere and I hope the burger was satisfying at least. The water is so blue and beautiful, I'm so jealous. Our beaches are definitely lacking that.

    Happy 4th of July!

    1. Agreed, the water is a little different down here than up there. I spent many years jumping waves in Ocean City, Maryland.

  2. Ha! What a fun parade! Who was the queen this year..? How do you even qualify to be queen of a parade anyhow...?
    The beach bar looks amazing, but that's nothing like a boca burger i've seen before. The color of the water there is so incredible in all of your photographs!

    I went to a bbq for part of the afternoon which feels like a patriotic way to celebrate. I made a savory watermelon salad with cilantro, olives, radishes, sliced almonds and white basalmic that i brought to share. The host was kind enough to bbq my tempeh first before the omni proteins (I actually brought two packages of tempeh i marinated in soyvay so everyone could try some-a few of the omnis were very enthusiastic and said they would be buying to make for themselves :)

    1. I think last year's queen was queen again this year. That is what it appeared to me. A savory Watermelon Salad sounds highly unique. I cant even imagine, althought I have heard of people putting salt on their Watermelon. Glad you spread the vegan message successfully at the BBQ.

  3. Is there a specific reason they and you try not to flush so often? I would guess the plumbing systems are a little more precarious on an island, but i never really thought about it until now! I think it's a pretty good rule to abide by in general. The "california shower" too, though I don't really do that - in general I just try to keep them as short as possible
    wish I could say something about the food or dogs but I'm apparently too concerned about water usage.

    1. There is no 'city water' supply. All water comes from the sky into cisterns (above ground wells). It is in precious supply, especially with recent drought conditions. Concern about water usage is really big here, I kinda get edgy watching tv or movies where characters leave the water running.

  4. I've never heard of a California shower, but I do abide by the "if it's yellow let it mellow" rule of thumb.
    The parade looked fun, and different from parades I usually try to avoid! It's sooooo beautiful there! Do those dogs have homes? They are so sweet.

    1. The dogs do have homes, I saw them earlier in the parade. Hope you are okay.

  5. Looks like a great holiday! The golf cart parade is pretty hilarious! I would be fawning over that teacup pooch (and the other one), as well!

    1. The little pooches were certainly getting a ton of attention.