Friday, July 29, 2016

Eating Non-Islandy Style

About five years ago or so, Quorn came out with these Burgers and as a promotion, sent coupons out to every vegan blogger....except me. Feeling scorned, I vowed to never buy their damn Burgers....
but I suppose living here has softened my heart as I recently shelled out the $7 for a package of their elitist Burgers. Cant say I have been missing much, but if they ever drop the price in half, I would buy them again...
another processed item I've tried are these Verisoy Shrimp...
these were very enjoyable. Fried them up in some EVOO and dipped in Ranch Dressing.  Wasnt gonna buy a bottle of Cocktail Sauce, the Ranch Dressing worked just fine. I highly recommend these if you happen to miss eating Shrimp (which I never did)...
also been consuming lots of Soup from the Natural Food Grocery and Deli. Split Pea...
and Curried Cauliflower...
avert your eyes now, Unknown, for here is a teeny little Hermit Crab I found this week. This is how they protect themselves, blocking their shell opening with their huge claw...
the little guy was very brave and tried pinching me as hard as he could with  his big claw, but I still loved it. I sort of regret putting it back on the ground. Should have tried to keep it as a pet...
the prior owners of our house left some potted plants on the deck, including an eight foot tall Cactus. This morning, there was a ginormous flower on it. Good thing I got a pic, cuz it is completely wilted now...
and below is Jasper telling me not to disturb his slumbering Momma. I didnt.
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. Awww I love this post! That cactus is amazing and what a great catch to see the flower in full bloom! So so pretty! Your kitties are too much, I love their sweet faces. I also love that you embraced Mr. Crab, crabs need love too!

    I never received coupons either ;) It's too bad they weren't great because that is quite a hefty price tag. The shrimp look so real! I have never been able to find vegan shrimp, I may have to actually make an attempt to find it because I'm intrigued! I bet that would be amazing in pasta with garlic and olive oil.

    1. Oh and yeah, I know I've been terrible this week. I will be back on Monday, just a crazy week this week!

    2. Do you miss shrimp? if so, imitation shrimp is very realistic, you will be pleased.

      I see you were true to your word. Thank you.

  2. Hi kitties! Remy has taken naps on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub recently. His groomer was booked three weeks out, so even though he's only slightly shaggy, the heat must be getting to him! Do the kitties nap more during the summer heat? Or is it just always hot?

    I wasn't a shrimp eater previously, so I'm sure it would be weird. But I love that they continue to come out with products that are replacing creatures!

    1. We got the AC set at 80 degrees, I dont think the kitties know that it is much hotter outside.

      I love faux meat too! Anything new is a step in the right direction.

  3. Eeek those vegan shrimp freak me out a little but people seem to like them. They certainly look realistic.
    I love that crab!!!! I wish a little one would pinch me!! They are so cool. I had forgotten how they have that one big claw to pull themselves along with.
    What are you doing eating soup!! It makes me think of that stand? truck? you always used to get soup from in VA...

    1. My memories of what I ate in Virginia are dimming, but I think most Soups came from Loving Hut. Loved their WonTon Souo. Wonder how it is at your local Loving Hut?

  4. You're not missing out, there are certainly better veg burgers than quorn. Those "shrimp" are so funny! I don't think i have ever tried vegan shrimp - actually I can't recall seeing them for sale anywhere.
    That hermit crab is kind of freaking me out!!
    I love the photo of jasper, he's so adorable...

    i made gazpacho today! Not the best tomatoes but it turned out well enough(v8 is my secret ingredient)- i'll bring it for a few lunches this week


    1. I am sorry about the crab photo, tried to warn you.

      I think V8 is the secret ingredient in quite a few soups and chilis. Too hot to go out at lunch?