Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Hummus Themed Post

My Hummus and Chips at Kokopelli Cafe yesterday. Best Hummus I have had on the Island. Lots of Lemon Juice...
also got a feta-less Greek Salad, it was not as great as the Hummus...
Doesnt look or feel like a Caribbean restaurant when inside...
another great Hummus Appetizer was enjoyed at Fresh Bistro. A satisfying meal in itself...
yet more ways to do it at Cruzan Beach Club (feta went home to the chicks)...
was sadly not a fan of this 'Hummus Among Us' Sandwich from Frenchtown Deli...
nor was I a fan of the Hummus Sandwich at Pita Express (too messy and too much Tahini, although they do know how to make a great Greek Salad)...
below is a Salad with Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Muhammara from Dorene's Garden of Eating..
the Chickens loved the Tzatziki Sauce that came with it...
went diving on Friday afternoon and saw a cute little crab...
and a baby fish...and a few other things...
and below is 'Calvin'. Thinks he lives here so, as not to confuse him, I will sign the adoption papers this week...
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. That first hummus does look like the best one- although the veggies and pita platter looks appealing too. Is there decent store bought hummus at the grocery store there? I was making my own in the spring all the time but it's just too hot to have a simmering pot on for so long now.
    What great photos from your dive!
    Calvin is adorable!! I'm glad you decided to make it official :))

    1. I have never made Hummus or Guacamole. Supposedly easy things to do, yet I cant bring myself to try. I toyed with the idea of naming the new guy 'Mason' but he is definitely not a 'Mason'. Hope things have cooled down a little for ya.

  2. Yay! Hi Calvin!! I'm sure he'll be very pleased that you finalized his family member status.

    Hummus is a delicate matter, and getting it right is a science! That said, I can see why some places get it right, and others, not so much. I'm going to say that I've never had a good hummus sandwich; I think it makes the bread soggy very quickly!

    1. I had not thought about Hummus causing soggy bread, but you are right. Probably best to have some Lettuce and Tomato as a buffer.

  3. I love lemon-y hummus! I love Calvin too! Congratulations on your newest family member, he is a very sweet boy! I have a serious hummus craving now, and also that feta-less Greek salad looks delicious!

    1. Lemon-y Hummus is my favorite. Wonder why it is so rare to find?

  4. Yaaay!!!! OMG congratulations on expanding your family, Calvin is such a sweetheart! I am so excited to see much more of that sweet face.

    I'm all about hummus themed posts and I'm glad the majority of it was good! Very disappointing that the sandwiches were not great but at least all of the rest of it seemed to be good.

    Really gorgeous pictures from your dive!! It's so fun to see those!

    1. I know you are a Hummus lover. Had a couple Dolmas in there too;-) They were very good.