Sunday, August 20, 2017

33rd Annual Chili Cook Off

I regretted missing last year's event, so I made a concerted effort to get to the Chili Cook Off today....
starting out with a 'Walk The Plank' to help me cool off and enjoy myself...
it was so hot, between the sun and the hot sand, this guy in the water with the umbrella was a genius...
I tasted five Chilis. This was the first from Dog House Pub. Surprisingly good for a restaurant that specializes in meat.
next up, Prosolar's Vegan Chili...
this Chili was even better!
local icon, Betsy, from Betsy's Bar..
again, not a vegan friendly menu in her restaurant, but she knows how to make a killer vegan Chili!
The Rotary Club's Chili was so good...
it would be impossible for me to judge the best.
Only Lattes In Paradise' Chili was kind of 'eh'.
maybe because it was the fifth one I tasted and I was dying from the heat.
there was fantastic live music...
fun and games for all ages...
and exotic birds to lure you to the Margaritaville Time Share tent. Glad I went out of my comfort zone and glad to be back in it (in front of the fan). Thanks for looking. Bye for now.


  1. Chili is a winter food in my world, so hot sun and hot sand would be tough to combine with a hot mouth! I think the last one looks more tomato soup than chili, so maybe that's why it wasn't a winner. But I'm so glad you went!

    1. The sun reflecting off the sand was overheating me so bad. It probably would be better to hold the festival in the 'winter' months, maybe they have it in August when locals arent as busy with all the tourists.

  2. I seriously want to be the guy in the water with the umbrella!!

  3. What a fun event! I agree with vegan peace, I want to be that dude too. It looks like there were lots of yummy vegan options to try and is that drink in a bucket?! If it is I think that's my favorite drink ever, ha!

    1. Indeed, it is a Rum Punch drink in a sand bucket for $4 called a 'Walk the Plank''. I think you would like it. If not, you get a nice bucket to have.

  4. I'm so impressed there were so many vegan chilis there! Hopefully those restaurants add them to the regular menu so you can have them again.
    I know i wouldn't have survived the chilis, but i like the rum punch/beach/food festival combo!

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