Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Slow Week

There were some good eats this week, but the Miso Salad with Tofu at Lanai was pretty much the highlight ...
yes I ate the whole thing.
The 'Veg'd Out Quesadillas' at Shoreline Bar and Grille were the lowlight of the week. I have noticed that the food at Shoreline is not as good when the chef isnt there. Not sure how he would improve Hummus Quesadillas, but I dont plan to try and find out...
I am constantly checking bags of Croutons in hopes of finding vegan ones. Thought I hit pay dirt with this Reese brand...
but after rereading the ingredients at home, I noticed 'enzymes'. Wasnt gonna throw them out though...
this Salad Bar Salad from Moe's tasted awful for some reason, this has not been the best food week, but the Croutons were good. They will be eaten.
At $5/box, these Heritage brand burgers are the least expensive Veggie Burgers I have seen on the Island (Boca Burgers are outrageously expensive)...
These were tasty enough for the price (an actual Pea was inside, but not gross like Dr. Praeger's), so I guess I will start buying regularly. Should have left this meal in the toaster oven at least five more minutes...
The brothers taking in some sun. More to come. Bye for now.


  1. Awww look at the babies!! The miso salad looks seriously amazing, I can see how that would be a highlight. Too bad about the quesadillas, they look delicious. Always a bummer when something comes out looking great but tasting mediocre. I hate bringing something home to notice I've overlooked an ingredient. It's always disappointing.

    1. Seriously, though, 'Enzymes'? That is a mystery ingredient that seems completely unnecessary.

  2. That miso tofu does look good, and like they gave you a decent amount of tofu- it makes me crazy when places skimp on tofu portions!
    That's great you found some tasty veggie burgers that aren't crazy expensive. With some help from various condiments even kinda boring burger patties can be good- i always end up having my veg burger ontop of salads so the various ingredients and dressing make it more enticing. Love the sunny pups! They look very content.

    Thankfully no asia trip for a few more months, (i dontmind going, it's the crazy at work before/during/after that takes a lot of life energy i don't have right now!) probably first or second week of november will be next trip. I'm just a few weeks away from CA vacation, just gotta get through a lot of work first....!

    1. I cant believe it is that time to finish off your parent's garden again! Will look forward to Jagger pics.

  3. Poor food weeks are only marginally worse than "nothing sounds good/ I don't know what I want" food weeks. Hopefully you are on the other side of it! The Miso Salad with Tofu does look phenomenal.

    Hi pups! Just adorable!

    1. A 'nothing sounds good/I dont know what I want' week does sound pretty unpleasant. I hope that doesnt happen!

  4. The sun brothers are the cutest!!
    The miso tofu salad looks really great!