Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Healthier Stuff This Week

On Sunday, I had this fantastic feta-less Greek Salad at Fish Tails...
tons of Olives (sorry, Sarah)...
but speaking of Sarah, after lunch, I was browsing a nearby boutique and met 'Ziggy'!
He looks just like one of Sarah's nephews, either TJ or Tyler, I dont know which. I could not get enough of the little guy, and he didnt seem to mind.
Anyway, back to the Greek Salad. The leftovers were even better yesterday with FYH Thousand Island Dressing and Croutons. 
Love Livin is hitting it out of the park these days. For $15 I got this huge order of Dal, BBQ Soy Chunks, Beans, Pasta Salad, Veggies and Kale Salad. Meals for days...
Today, the Mr. and I enjoyed a romantic lunch at the Twisted Cork. They had a Salad special of the day with Quinoa, Sprouts, Roasted Peppers, Apricot and Kimchi Vinaigrette. I thought they said 'Avocado' when they said 'Apricot', but it was still very delicious and satisfying. That's all I got, but it is more than I thought I would have. Bye for now.


  1. Ooooh what great meals! Under all of the olives the salad looks delicious ;) The Love Livin box looks so delicious and what a great deal! It looks like a huge box of food and definitely worth the price. What was the pasta salad dressed with? It almost looks like penne a la vodka.

    That looks like my sweet Tyler!! Oh my goodness what a cute little love bug! He was probably a perfect shopping buddy :) And speaking of Tyler and TJ, I'll be babysitting those goobers starting this weekend and I'm so excited for puppy love and snuggles!

    1. The Pasta Salad was really good, even though they use Whole Wheat Pasta. Seemed like Russian Dressing on it, with just the perfect amount of diced Onion to keep it exciting.

      Cant wait to see the Tyler and TJ pics. Now I know what you are experiencing with Tyler. Such a delightful breed.

  2. Ziggy!! So stinking cute!!

    Delicious looking meals - you have done well!

    1. Thanks, havent done as well as I have hoped, but I am trying!

  3. Oh that greek salad!!! Yes to allllll of the olives!
    What an impressive spread from love livin, they need an nyc branch :))
    That quinoa salad is such a great combo of ingredients, (although no apricots for me in salad) i am still totally obsessed with kimchi and have been making this sesame radish kimchi salad that uses the liquid for the dressing. Good stuff.
    I bet that boutique has better sales the days ziggy works! What a cutie!


    1. Cant believe you are obsessed with Kimchi. Guess I have never had a good version, only the kind that is too spicy to taste.