Sunday, July 24, 2016

Slow Sunday

It has not been a very exciting week. Gladys' sister, Pauline, made me a Mango/Papaya bowl this morning, which was awesome, of course. Also had some Avocado Toast, but I have shown that enough on here....
lunch was the 'Passion Salad' at Sails. Also awesome. The server asked it I wanted any 'protein' and I replied only if they had Tofu. It is very unlike me to ask for something that isnt on the menu but it totally paid off. The server went back and asked the chef and in the background you can see they fried up some Tofu special just for me..
after eating some plants, I then went to look at some plants at Phantasea Botanical Gardens...
something from Mexico...
no clue...
no clue..
the resident White Pea Hen, Peeps, telling me to get a clue and then bidding me adieu...
below are my own hens, which I discovered this week make use of the water I put out on the railing for the tiny Bananaquits and not-so-tiny Thrashers...
they have their own water bowl, but I guess, like cats, they prefer finding other sources...
been craving Trader Joe's Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds lately, so I splurged on these Chocolove Almonds. At least the portion size is small enough that I wont be able to make myself sick like with the TJ's tub size...
lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. What a beautiful view from yr house. Hens included. That pink star flower is also so fantastic.
    The papaya looks so refreshing! I've never actually had it myself! I think i bought it once and it kinda went bad? a friend used to make a papaya bowl that she would then toss with coconut and cacao nibs. Not sure how easy it is for you to source either of those things, but it sounds good.

    1. How could you never have had a Papaya? Most Asian groceries have tons of them. They are fine straight up without Coconut or Chocolate. Go!

  2. FF is right, that's a killer view!
    That fruit bowl looks luscious just from the saturated color of the fruits ..
    I'm so glad you said something at lunch! Ya know you'll never get what you don't ask for ;)
    That little white pea hen seems to have quite a personality just from the photo, funny she was just hanging out there.

    It's so hot here it's gross. I made an interesting chilled persian yogurt soup this weekend with thin cashew cream instead of yogurt, it had lots of dill and some walnuts and shredded cucumber. One month til i go see the fam in CA...

    1. Dont know what possessed me to open my mouth to say 'Tofu'. So unlike me. They were probably cursing my high maintenance in the kitchen.

      The Chilled Soup sounds fancy. You could probably have made it with non-dairy yogurt. My experiences making Cashew Cream was too rich for me.

      Dont you usually go to the fam farm earlier in the season? Will there still be produce left by Labor Day?

  3. If I leave a glass of water unattended, Remy will help himself. It must be an animal thing, finding water in different places! Ha ha!

    The Passion Salad looks delicious! As does the tofu!

    1. That must be a sight to see since Remy is only a little bit taller than a glass of water himself.

  4. That view is absolutely stunning! So much jealousy happening over here. Looks like a lovely Sunday! Delicious meals and how great that they made some tofu for you! And it looks great which is a bonus ;) The flowers are gorgeous and hens are adorable! Glad you splurged on some chocolate!

    1. It was a splurge on the Chocolate. You have fallen behind on your blogging promises by the way.

  5. I love the view, and I always love seeing your chickens! And I always love the pictures of the gorgeous flowers!

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