Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another Disappointing Meal

I am no longer sure what to make of TripAdvisor reviews. First, my dinner at Thirteen was a big let down...Saturday night I took the Mr. to Havana Blue for his birthday and that was even worse!
My "Pan Asian Risotto" ...Basically Rice in Coconut Milk with Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach and Fried Leeks. $28 for a pile of overly sweet Rice...
the only vegan dessert was 'Mandarin Sorbet' which turned out to be Orange-flavored dry ice that would absolutely not melt, not a tiny bit, even though the restaurant was sweltering. Fortunately, the 'Sorbet' only set me back $4...
the Mr., being Vegetarian, made a dinner of sides - Garlic Spinach, Manchego Potato Air, Citrus Jicama Slaw and Cuban Dirty Soba Rice - $28 worth of food that was really worth about $8...
The high cost is all for the ambiance. Two weddings were going on while we were there, so that was pleasurable to observe, even if the food and service werent pleasurable...
a wedding guest wandering off. Probably wondering where she can get something decent to eat...
This $7 Garden Vegetable Soup from Moe's Market had more flavor than my meal at Havana Blue!
But the most delicious thing I just discovered on Island is a 'Peanut Banana' Smoothie $5 from Love Livin. Activates all pleasure centers in my brain upon reaching my tongue. Before I go, I want to ask for anyone who has a few dollars to spare to donate to Norman. That is all. Bye for now.


  1. Oh no!! That's terrible that the food was not good and it was so overpriced! I see enough weddings that it totally wouldn't be worth it haha. And I would definitely be the guest wandering off into the ocean. That picture made me laugh. The soup definitely looks incredible and I can't wait to get home so I can make a smoothie! Nope they have no blender… or anything else really.

    1. Havana Blue was a big let down after waiting to years to eat there. Tried to dress nicely and that was totally unnecessary. Oh well, thanks for the sympathy;-D

  2. Obviously those reviews were left by fake people or those with no taste buds and large wallets! Almost $30 for a plate of sweet rice does sound disappointing. Love Livin seems to regularly do well, and a peanut butter smoothie is usually a good bet!

    1. P.S. Norman's story makes me cry. I will be donating.

    2. I know, Norman is such a wonderful dog. I think about him a lot. Wish he could have lived here.

  3. Yeah i wouldn't trust TA anymore. You should totally write a review about your experience there, i'm sure it was a big expensive disappointment instead of the delicious celebratory meal it should have been. Hahaha i love the wandering wedding guest!
    There seem to be a lot of banana lovers who are fans of pb banana combos, nice your regular spot has them.

    Another trip to h mart and time spent on maangchi's website have me making lots of korean style veggies lately. And of course more white kimchi....

    1. I left a review on Open Table's website (but doubt anyone reads that). Yelp! doesnt get updated much down here, so TA is the main site for reviews.

      Yeah, sorry about the Banana smoothie. I cant imagine not liking Bananas.

      Bet you never thought when you accepted the new job it would lead to you fermenting Kimchi.

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