Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bordeaux Part Deux

It has been a long two weeks waiting to get back to the Bordeaux Farmer's Market. During those two weeks I lived a life I loved and loved the life I lived (there were a few lows, but we wont go into that)...
Upon arrival at the Market, made a beeline for here...
I still dont know her name but she cooks everything in these iron cauldrons on hot stones...
Instead of Mashed Potatoes this week, there was Rice and Kidney Beans, as well as some fantastic Tofu with Vegetables, Plaintains, a Pea Protein Ball and Side Salad. All for $14...
no Passion Fruit Juice this week, Starfruit made do....
the guy selling the Juices also sold these fruits which I neglected to get the name of. They were about the size of Lemons...
as well as these bundles of Scallions and Thyme...
another table sold dried Herbs and Spices along with some lighters...Hmmm...
unique Elixirs...
Garlic Syrup...
Hydrangea Plus...
I didnt buy any fruits or vegetables today, just got an order of Fried Tofu, Eggplant and Potatoes to go from a stand operated by the same folks who own Yabba's....
Yesterday, I had picked up Breadfruit, Bananas and a Sugar Apple at the market in town....
I will post on how those were next time. Bye for now.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Teddy! That's really upsetting..... (((Big squishy hug)))

    You can totally handle making banana ice cream- just peel the bananas, cut in big chunks and freeze. Then zap in the blender! This site is more helpful, but you can totally add whatever nut butter or chocolate chips etc in there too

    How exciting to get back to the magic vegan cooking lady! I love how simplistic her entire set up is, and that plate of food looks so delicious..... The fried tofu and eggplant looks good too! What a yummy day....

    Btw i read somewhere that "sorrel" in jamaica = hibiscus here, which makes a lot of sense

    1. I didnt bring a blender, just my smoothie maker and blending stick. I will see what the smoothie maker can do. It aint no Ninja.

      I have seen bags of Sorrel here in the market. Dried red flower buds. Pretty neat, but sort of sad for the flowers.

      What is new with you? It is fashion week, you must be enjoying that.

  2. I can't wait to hear about those fruits! I've never heard of breadfruit. The food looks do delicious! Is a pea protein ball like falafel at all?

    1. Never heard of breadfruit?! How unusual. Well ya aint missing much.

      Yes, the Pea Protein Ball is just like Falafel.

  3. Yes, very upsetting about Teddy. :(

    I see that Ttrockwood explained banana ice cream here - very similar to what I commented on your previous post!

    I'm loving the hot stones as a source of heat for cooking! Very old world! Delicious meals she creates. Shall we call her the Mystery Cook? Not mystery food cook, it sounds bad.

    1. At least she is in an open air area to cook. Some of these restaurant kitchens seem like they must be unbearable considering the dining areas are unairconditioned.

  4. Hot stone cauldrons -that is working serious magic! Star fruits are great, I love the texture and light floral taste, unfortunately it's hard to find good ones up here. Custard apples I think are the same thing as sugar apples, they look the same at least and are super too!

    I'm really sorry to hear you lost Teddy. It's never easy feeling the void. Take care <3

    1. My research on Sugar Apples before eating showed they are common to South East Asia as well. Arent they wonderful? Too bad about the seeds...

  5. Oh no I'm so so sorry to hear about Teddy. :( I'm sending over lots of hugs to you and your entire crew.

    The market definitely looks like it would be worth the wait. I love the exotic fruits you got. I definitely can't wait to hear about them! The food looks fantastic, especially the plate with the tofu, eggplant and potatoes. So much yum.

    1. Yep, I am always trying to appreciate Eggplant. So will we see a 'What I Ate Wednesday' post?