Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Petition and Pics

Please sign this petition to make it a law for owners to spay and neuter their pets here on the USVI. The formerly-barn-cats-now-guest-room-cats are starting to loosen up. Below are Marmalade and her son, Donovan, making an appearance at the door to their room...
I am aware I need to sweep up some kitty litter...
this morning, we went to a Farmer's Market in town...
we got there several hours after they had opened, so probably missed a lot of interesting stuff. Drina's Farm is right around the corner from our house...
I paid $2 for a bunch of Genips, but havent tried them yet...
we saw a cool looking juice stand set up and wanted to get some fresh juice...
but the guy running the stand would not stop shaving sugar cane to make us juice, so we just moved on...
and went to an Arts and Crafts Show in Tillet Gardens.Below are things made out of corks...
I wish I had taken more pics, I was remiss...
a beautiful cement bird bath with a blooming water lily at the gardens...
I bought a stained glass fish and will post a pic when I hang it up. Below is an Iguana that was sunning itself on our fence a couple days ago...
they are shy and this was as close as I could get before it ran away...
very early morning, a baby Lizard was on one of the kitchen cabinets...
but, it too, ran away before I could get it...
and here is a big Lilac Bush in bloom near our house. It was attracting lots of Hummingbirds...
a close-up of the blossoms...
Thanks for all the well wishes for Poley. As you can see, he is still looking a lot worse for wear and tear, but a weekly IV drip of amino acids plus a bunch of antibiotics, steroids and other pills are keeping him alive. Had to throw out two dog beds due to his not being able to get up in time to pee, so it's towels for now...
Molly still looks gorgeous however. And, yes, they are neutered and spayed respectively...
So there was a little food related stuff in there. Bye for now.


  1. The second picture, with the head but is sooo sweet! I'm glad they're loosening up. I'm so sorry for Poley, and yo. It's really tough seeing them struggle. I feel it too. Give him a huge hug and kiss for me. The cork art looked really cool. It just seems so beautiful where you live!

    1. It is precious how Marmalade and her kids all get along so well,

  2. I signed the petition too. The stats are very sad.

  3. Dear Poley! I wish him well and hope he can get better. Are you setting up an animal rescue?

    I signed the petition too.

    1. I wish I could set up an animal rescue. I am here with three dogs, seven cats and eight chickens. It is like round the clock care. Thank you for signing the petition!

  4. I can't with that pup! Oh, Poley. I'm so sad.

    I can, however, sign the petition.

    I'm glad the felines and Molly are doing well. Such an abundance of natural critters and flowers! I'm thinking of putting a honeysuckle in front of the trellis in my backyard next summer, hopefully a hummingbird family will come visit.

    I find that I have to hit the markets early or face the leftovers!

    1. At least Poley is eating now and is able to get up to pee instead on peeing on himself. We have a fantastic vet here.

      You could also put up a Hummingbird feeder if you wanted.

      Thank you for signing the petition!

  5. Best wishes on Poley's care. I've been there with my childhood dog of seventeen years, it's really hard but he looks comfortable and his eyes are so soft, lucky to have his whole big mixed species family with him.

    I hope the legislation passes. That flower is like a flower on top of a flower! And that iguana is huge!

    1. it is such an unusual lilac bush. the two different color flowers just meld into one lovely purple color when you step back a few feet.

  6. Awww sweet Poley. Poor thing. Keeping you all in my thoughts. Molly is such a beauty! Love all of the lizard pictures :) So cute!! So weird that the guy wouldn't make you a juice. Love all of the crafts and the bird bath is so beautiful!

    I am at my bro's house (going home tonight, wah!) and got sick so I was laying low and fell of the face of the earth for a bit. Thank you for your concern, I'm feeling a bit better now! I've been having a lot of issues with my neck, shoulder and back so it has been quite painful.

    I'm going to sign the petition right now!

    1. It was weird that the guy wouldnt stop what he was doing to make juice, after setting up the table with all the ingredients and equipment. I will try again this Saturday to see if he will make me some juice.

      i know you have had neck and shoulder pain for years. have you already gone to a chiropractor or accupuncturist?

      Thanks for sigining the petition!

  7. The kitty head butt is the best! Followed by an adorable Poley! The iguana is serious, but the baby lizard could be ANYWHERE!