Monday, August 24, 2015

Genips and Magen's and Toona

Thanks to all who signed the petition. I will post if I hear anymore about it. So I finally tried a few Genips. They were tart and enjoyable in my mouth, but because they are 90% seed, I had to pull each one out of my mouth after a minute or so of, well, sucking. That part I didnt like, but it seemed like if you just kept the Genip in your mouth, it could be like an all day sour ball...
so I peeled them all (they are easy to peel)....
and gave them to the Chickens, who expressed interest...
took some pics at Magen's Bay yesterday morning. There were lots of Pelicans feeding, but only one of the 20 or so pics I took of them barely came out...
there is a protected Mangrove...
with exotic critters lurking within...
no hugging this tree...
a flower next to the shower area...a shower flower!
I always look for these two every time I come...
if I dont see them I get worried...
they are surprisingly friendly for being 100% outdoors...
Another surprise was seeing cans of Vegan Toona at The Fruit Bowl....
surprised again that it was brown....
even though it was packed in Oil I still mixed in a little Vegenaisse. Tasted decent enough, I wouldnt identify it as tuna, but I may buy it again...
Lots more to come. Bye for now.


  1. I'm not so sure about the genips. A fruit with a seed that takes ages to work on... How did the chickens deal with them? I know I've said it before, but such interesting and beautiful plant life and critters!

    The vegan tuna would not have earned a second look from me, so now I know what it looks like once opened! Not sure I could swing it, but if TJs made it - I'm sure I could get behind it. ;)

    1. There is a reason Genips havent made it to grocery store shelves. i think they are just a local treat people enjoy in their backyards. The left the chickens working on the Genips and something enjoyed the Gemips over night. Dont know who.

  2. Genips look and sound interesting...I think I'd like them, but will also remember to try them out as tropical feed for rescued chickens if I ever have the need.

    I love the two kitty characters! They look like quite a duo.

    I bought some Toona a while back and I thought the flavor was ok, but couldn't get over the way it looked...I fed it to the crows.

    1. Your crows have adventurous palates. I think the vegan toona would have been better if it was more life tofu than tvp.

  3. The genips kind of look like the fresh lychee I tried awhile ago. I liked it, but the huge seed was a pain.Those kitties are so cute! Are they feral? Who feeds them? I worry. It looks like quite the feeding frenzy with the pelicans.

    1. They do look like lychee. I only ate a lychee once in a martini and I dont recall it having a seed. There is a local organization that tends to the feral cats at Magen's Bay. They leave fresh food and water daily.

  4. It's been a while since my last visit and comment sorry about that! I'm still over at if you want to swing by. LOVE the pics of the cats, btw!

  5. The genips are interesting but I feel like I would be too lazy and impatient to work on them. How did the chickens like them? Did you say they taste like lime? Or am I hallucinating?

    The kitties are so freaking cute!! I love those sweet faces :) I really love all of your nature pics, it looks so pretty and peaceful there.

    The vegan toona looks… interesting? I don't know if I would be able to do it. I'm just waiting for it to cool off a bit and then we'll work on fixing your lack of vegan desserts :)

    I have not tried acupuncture or a chiropractor. I have only done what my insurance covers which is pretty much nothing. I'm going to have a chat with my dr. when I go in for my physical in a few months to see if there is anything I can do because the pain in just getting worse.

    1. The Genips are a little sour. They are called Spanish Lime.

      About desserts, let me just note that the Peter Pan Peanut Butter I give to the Pups has even separated. Didnt even know that could happen. A pool of oil formed on top.

      I can believe you tried alternative methods to help your pain. Chiropractors and accupuncturists arent even expensive. Why suffer? at least tell me you take muscle relaxants. Y