Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Food and Critters

Tofu in Coconut Sauce from Ma's Vegi Deli..
also from Ma's: Gluten and Scalloped Potatoes..
below is a 'Genip', aka 'Spanish Lime'. Our house is surrounded by huge Genip Trees and the little partially eaten fruits fall onto our deck area, but I see no Genips in the trees to be picked. I will probably have to just pay for Genips at the Farmer's Market to see what they taste like...
Speaking of paying, I finally shelled out a buck to get a close-up pic of the Donkey at Drake's Seat (the famous overlook of Magen's Bay and points west where Sir Frances Drake kept watch on his fleet)...
Bought a bag of 'Ras Corn' for $3 from Natural Livity. Way too much Cayenne for me, but I choked it all down with some Vodka...
a tiny Lizard on the bumper of our car last night...
he made it off safely before we left for dinner at The Pie Whole. It is Mr. STVegetarian's favorite restaurant, primarly because they have a glass to match whatever brand of beer you order...
their Garlic Bread is heavenly. Tons of Olive Oil and Garlic. No butter...
We both got the Penne Al’Arrabbiata $16 San Marzano Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions, Basil, Crushed Red Peppers, Fresh Parsley and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tossed with Penne. I thought I overheard them saying they use eggs in their Pasta but I think they made this Pasta fresh for me without eggs because I said I was vegan and because it took a really long time to get made...
There is plenty more where all that came from, but I will save it for another day. Bye for now.


  1. That lizard is so cute! The pasta looks amazing. My sauce never looks that luscious. You are really finding some great eats on the island!

  2. Where is the so called coconut sauce on the tofu?? Looks dry to me...
    And that popcorn must have been toxic if you thought it was too hot! Yipes!
    That does not look like a happy donky.

    I love that the Mr even cares what glass his beer comes in, that's funny. The garlic bread and pasta look great- i can tell the pasta is thicker and likely had a nice chewy homemade texture.

    We were kyacking on a lake that i promptly forgot the name of...! It's really big and has some fabulous mansions along the edges (not my friend's!). I hope it rains in CA! Like dumping shittons!! Just.... After i leave :)

    1. The Coconut Sauce was there, but it got absorbed into the Starch and Veggies that were originally underneath the Coconut Tofu and Veggies.

      The Popcorn bag was accurate to list Cayenne Pepper as the first ingredient.

      It is on my agenda to go kayaking here as well. Along with Paddle Boarding and Zip-Lining and, well, you get the idea.

      Looking forward to hearing about CA. I hope it rain shittons after you leave as well.

  3. I held my breath through this post regarding the "critters" title for news on Poley... Is he doing okay? :(

    Hello Mister SVeg/ Mister VIveg, welcome back! Garlic bread and pasta does sound like a great favorite spot!

    1. Poley is getting the best medical care possible down here. I am not exaggerating. So we are doing everything to keep him going for as long as possible.

      Mr. VIVeg is better than Mr. STVeg. I might have to switch to that moniker. He came back Sunday.

  4. I'm with Ingrid, I hope sweet Poley is doing ok. I do love the picture of the lizard though. Believe it or not we had a little lizard in the studio the other day! In NY. Go figure! He was cute but he scurried off before I could get a picture of him.

    I'm not going to lie, the Italian food looks pretty awesome. I could definitely go for some garlic bread right now. Yum.

    I'm sure you are glad to have the Mr. back!

    1. You might have has a Salamander in your studio. All those cameras but no pics of it, I guess? And WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! I was worried!

  5. That lizards hands! Full spread. The donkey's flower hat is pretty great, donkey's never look like they are in a good mood no matter how big the sunglasses. I see the 'lime' in the skin of the fruit but the inside looks like some sort of nut. I want to now what it tastes like, I've never heard of a genip.

    1. I hadnt heard of Genips till I moved here. I plan to post on when I finally eat one, but I am not very good at describing tastes...

  6. So, what's the deal with the donkey; is he doing okay? Glad you have some drinking going on!


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