Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Food and Critters

Some recent grub from Love Livin: a very refreshing Kale Salad...
Roti is a popular item down here. This was my first experiece. It was massive, not like a Burrito that one could pick up and each with your hands...
Cutting off a piece to eat with a fork. It was the only way I knew to approach it. Eggplant and Veggies inside. Unfortunately, the Eggplant was too Eggplanty for me. The Pups liked it though...
Coconut Almond Banana (sorry Unknown) Smoothie with glass straw....
Stir-Fry with Kale Salad and Beet Salad...
and, of course, the Lasagna. Thursday is Lasagna Day at Love Livin, so I get a double order to go. So excellent...
Went to Hull Bay Hideaway last night to pick up food for Poley. He is ill and refusing to eat, so I thought some carryout might tempt him. Unfortunately, it didn't, but while I was there I saw this little fella who brought cheer to my heart...
He started following me to my car, so I tried to find out if he belonged to anyone and all someone said was, "That's Beach Fry." He finally stopped following, but what a cutie!
Hull Bay last night...
These pics were taken through the window this morning. Bananquits have recently begun partaking of the bowl of sugar and the the bowl of water I put out for them...
they live on nectar, but also enjoy eating dry granulated sugar. The drought has made it difficult for them to find nectar bearing flowers and water to bathe in...
So things are still good, except for Poley, however, he is getting premier medical care down here so there is nothing more I can do. Bye for now.


  1. Oh, sweet Poley! Did he catch a virus/get bitten? I hope it's not serious. :( Are the girls loving on him a little? So sorry this is happening!!!

    Great pictures of the bird, and the sunset! So beautiful!

    I've heard of roti, but I didn't know it was stuffed - I thought it was flat bread! I understand what you mean about the eggplant...I've tried to like it and just do not. The Lasagna looks sooooo yummy!!

    1. Poley has been doing poorly for a while, finally was diagnosed as liver failure, but just started not eating. We have him on Prednisone. Hopefully his appetite will pick up. I had no clue was Roti was either. Apparently, I still dont! I got bogus Roti!

  2. I've always wondered what Roti was. It looks good with the right fillings! I'm so sorry about Poley. I hope it's not anything too serious. Sending good energy his way. The lasagna looks amazing.

  3. Oh no I hope everything will be ok with Poley!! I'm sending lots of positive and healing vibes your way. I'm sure the rest of your crew is snuggling him and making him feel better.

    The meals all look so fresh and delicious. The roti looks great, too bad it was too much eggplant for you. Is there any way you like eggplant prepared? Do you like babaganoush? The lasagna looks amazing too. Looks like you've been enjoying some great stuff.

    Beautiful sunset!! It seems so idyllic. Love the sweet little pup too, so cute!!

    1. Thanks for the healing vibes! we need it. I like Eggplant when I cant tell it is Eggplant. I do like BabaGanoush oddly enuf. Doesnt taste like Eggplant to me.

  4. Best wishes to Poley. Cute bird and stumpy lil dawg though.
    They sell roti around here but I'm not sure i've ever had it. Sounds good though. You are really doing well food wise, huh.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I am doing well food wise. It has only been a month and a half, but most everything has been tasty here.

  5. I'm worried about Poley too! Hope he is on the mend asap.
    "Beach fry" is freaking adorable....

    Look at you ordering beet salad there! Although i love eggplant i know what you mean that the roti was too much of it. Roti is just the flatbread, not sure i've ever heard of it stuffed like a massive burrito-which is brilliant.

    Great idea to double the lasagna order, and smart on their part to have it one day a week to lure in the regulars :) the almond/coconut part of the smoothie sounds delicious! I keep drinking that almond coconut milk from almond breeze lately. Good stuff.
    Fun fact: yo hablo espanol fluentamente

    1. "Beach Fry" is like my "Mason"! Pure love.

      Cant take credit for ordering the Beets, just told them to put whatever they thought best in with the Stir-Fry. They werent too Beety. The Carrots were sort of bitter, so I couldnt really taste the Beets.

      Didnt even know there was Almond Coconut Milk. That must not have been out when I left. So impressive you speak fluent Spanish. I took French, but, quelle dommage, will never be fluent. Not even fluent in English lately.

  6. Sending good vibes to Poley and a healthy recovery, hope the prednisone brings relief and he gets his appetite back!

  7. So terrific that you've found people to care for Poley! It's so hard to be in a new place and not know the drill. So glad you do. Hugs.