Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jamaican 'Style' Vegetable Patties

One of the few 'new to me' foods I've discovered in the last three weeks are these Jamaican Style Veggie Patties ...
found in the freezer section of this store, which is sort of like Costco but you dont need a membership to shop there...
unfortunately, Nut Butters are all at least double the price down here...
however, they offer a lot of Field Roast and Worthington products as well as Boca Burgers...
some of the prices are less than I have paid at home...
yes, I have Field Roast Breakfast Sausage in my fridge! Love those little Sausages. Thought I might never taste them again...
the Beefless Burgers are just a couple bucks more than back in Virginia. I will shell out for those eventually..
but back to the Vegetable Patties...they have just the right amount of heat...
Highly recommend stocking up if seen in the International section of your grocer's freezer...
two in a pack, so only $1.50 each....
Alcohol is a good deal down here btw...
some flowers in bloom a couple weeks ago..
never saw anything like these...
Bye for now.


  1. Cost U Less costs less in general because there is no annual membership, therefore, go ahead and buy the nut butters. ;) The Jamaican Vegetable Patties look like samosas. I like those, so yes to looking for these! I'm sure there is a lot of vegetation and foliage I've never seen - I've not been to a tropical island!

    1. You may have not yet gone to a tropical isle, but you have been to the very exotic state of Virginia.

  2. Yay! Great finds!!
    And that's a 26oz jar of almond butter, looks like a deal to me since the 16oz is often that much... So funny, I actually randomly stopped into the carribean chain here and got a spinach jamaican veggie patty- but i'm so silly and believed the sweet jamaican lady that "those are not spicy". I had almost two bites.
    Cheap vodka + fresh coconut man sounds like a good idea to me!

    1. You are so smart. You made me get up and look at my jar of Almond Butter and, yes, it is larger than normal. Doy de doy!

      If I paid for that Jamaican Spinach Patty, I would damn well choke it down (cant give spicy food to the Pups or Chickens).

      Methinks you would be drinking gallons of Coconut Milk here. You would probably have to have your own machete to save time.

  3. Ooooh yay! I'm so glad you showed us inside of the store, I was so curious about what the grocery shopping was like down there. That's great that there is no membership. The veggie patties look really great, that crust is so flaky! Love it! I hope you got some of that vodka too ;)

    Please send me your address :) Just to have on file ;) Thanks!

    1. Okay, I will send you my address, but things melt here that you didnt even think were meltable and I dont go to the Post Office daily.

  4. I was curious about grocery shopping too! The Field Roast Celebration roast is a dollar cheaper where you are. The price on the almond better almost gave me a stroke!
    The veggie patties look delicious. I'm going to be on the lookout for those in the international section of anywhere. Life looks really great there. And I fully support a Costco type store that doesn't force people to be members!

    1. I knew prices would be high before I came. And there are some things I may never buy just on principle (ketchup), but the one thing that amazes me is the amount of sugary drinks the people here buy. Cartons and cartons of sodas and sports drinks. not just the expense of it, but why???

  5. Awesome vegan meat finds. There's really a good amount of stuff there.
    The patties sound really good, there's probably something like that around Brooklyn if I looked.
    Pretty flowers, they look almost like mimosa blossoms

    1. yeah yeah, I know you dont do faux meats, but i like em!

      I never got close enuf to a Mimosa Tree to examine the flowers.