Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back In The USVI

So the authentic Mustard I'd bought on Sunday was tossed in the trash by the TSA in Frankfurt on Monday. Crushing scene. Afterwards, I was killing time in a Duty Free Shop and saw they had Mustard, so I excitedly bought some. It was a good 20 minutes later that I realized the new Mustard would get tossed by the TSA in Miami. Cost me $25 to then check my bag in Miami to get the Mustard home. This is some expensive Mustard...
speaking of expensive things, when I got back yesterday, found out the Mr. had gone scuba diving while I was gone. I had asked him to take pics, but alas the little door to the HDMI cable hookups wasnt properly closed and the whole camera flooded. Gonzo after six uses. Cant bring myself to throw it out...
but I did have a great Blackened Tofu Sandwich from Virgilio's today...
and I've got this neat looking Chocolate Bar to get to tonight...
Many thanks to everyone who followed along on my trip. It was grueling -- heavy backpack, sore feet, getting lost many times, being stuck in a middle seat on the transatlantic flight home, the TSA -- but I feel fortunate that I got to see so many beautiful things. Staycations only for the foreseeable future. Bye for now.


  1. Yeah, my gf and I were trying to bring home condiments (pistous and stuff, probably also some mustard) from France when we went years ago and they got thrown out too! We were heartbroken, as well as flat broke and could NOT check our bags. You would think they wouldn't want to waste that food!! Drives me crazy.
    Sorry about the camera. Glad you have that tofu sandwich and chocolate to console you. A friend recently brought back some chocolate from his trip to Colombia and it was very, very good.

    1. Chocolate from other countries always tastes better. Something about US regulations on fat content I think.

      Sorry you had your souveniers tossed too. I have heard that the TSA takes a lot if the stuff home for themselves, but my mustard had already been opened, so who knows. Such a ridiculous waste.

  2. Welcome home!! I can't believe they tossed out the mustard, I would never have known! At least you realized that you should check the bag so you wouldn't lose the replacement as well. I am not really familiar with what you can and can't bring but I know I got chocolate in from Belgium with no problem. Thankfully because that stuff was GOOOOOOOOD.

    Oh no! Broken cameras are such a sad thing. Hopefully you can find an affordable replacement. At least you had a delicious sandwich and some chocolate to ease the pain of that loss.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the trip despite how grueling it was. It looked so beautiful but I'm sure you must be so happy for puppy and kitty snuggles.

    1. Apparently Mustard is considered a 'liquid' and it was more than 3 ounces or something. If I ever go back, I will mail my food home. The Vegan Chocolate Bar I brought back is fantastic. Wish I had bought more.

  3. What was their reasoning for tossing it? Fear that you might mustard the passenger next to you? Ha ha! At least there is a great story to go with it!

    Hopefully all of the human and canine kisses upon your return can lessen the pain of the camera. Surely there will be a holiday sale at some point, and you can snap up another one!

    Thank you for letting us travel with you!

    1. I might have mixed the mustard with something else on the plane to make salad dressing and they cant have that.

  4. I swear i had commented but i guess it never posted...?
    Very sad those twits took your mustard. My last flight overseas the first bag was checked for free so I brought home a bunch of treats like olives and olive oil and a bunch of condiments.
    That tofu sandwich looks great! Glad the chocolate bar made it back , looks like a good one