Thursday, June 16, 2016

From Heidelberg to Garmisch

So after my last post, I ate this entire piece of Holy Kitchen Cheesecake and passed out...
after about 12 hours of sleep I got ready to check out. Had about half of the Holy Kitchen Quiche for breakfast. I think it would have been better heated up...
Le Crobag is a chain of cafes in Germany. The one below is at the Heidelberg Train Station...
I picked up a Basil Tofu Sandwich for the train ride...
there are some complaints online about this sandwich being overpriced for what you get, but I thought it was awesome. Especially the Bread. Highly recommend...
the dining car on the train did have a few vegan options...
here are some pics I took from the train...
the sun kept going in and out..
Next up: Garmisch.


  1. Wow, that sandwich looks so incredible! I can really tell how fresh all of the ingredients are in everything you have eaten there. The pictures from the train are so beautiful. Looks like a great trip so far!

  2. Thanks for following along. Cant believe I am blogging the trip.

  3. I am so fried, I couldnt even 'reply' to your comment, just posted a new comment.

  4. I missed these last few days, as they didn't pop up in my blogger role! Argh! Catching up now... Thank you for blogging your trip!!

  5. What a great adventure you're on!! I'm impressed with the clearly marked vegan options you have found so far, everything looks incredible...!
    That sandwich looks really delicious, the few train stations i have been to in france and spain had painfully overpriced (like 6€) tiny horrible premade sandwiches- and none of them were vegan.
    I love that you're posting!!